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All living things grow.  As followers of Christ, we should be growing as well.  God didn’t rescue us so we could simply sit still. While we realize only God can grow us, it is our goal to create environments that are optimum for growth. We want to help you not only understand what the Bible says, but also how the truth in the Bible has a bearing on your life today.  View the links below to learn about the different ways we offer to help you grow.

MidWeek Bible Study

Our Wednesday night activities are designed to help adults grow deeper in their faith and in their knowledge of scripture. We offer various Bible Studies throughout the year. Our MidWeek Bible Study happens at 6:30 PM each Wednesday.


The main environment to grow spiritually is to participate in a yearly Discipleship Group, or a “D-Group.” A D-Group is a gender specific, closed group of 3-5 believers who meet together weekly for the purpose of accelerated spiritual transformation. A person joins the D-Group by invitation only, with most D-Groups being formed out of relationships in a Sunday Morning Bible Study Group.