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Our Mission

Our mission is connecting people to Christ.

We focus our efforts on three pillars:

1) To Live is Christ

2) Be Transformed

3) Connect to Community

Our Vision

Our vision is to guide people in Exploring who God is and their purpose in this world by Belonging to a community and Growing as a family with the purpose of Serving Jesus Christ.

Our Pathway

When traveling, it is important to know the starting point of the journey, the destination and the points in between. We call these Waypoints:

1. EXPLORE Waypoint

Represents where each of us join the journey. We are at various points in our life, but we are all looking to understand God and our purpose in this world. We want to be guides who walk alongside you and help you. We do this through our worship services, growth groups, and Bible studies.

2. BELONG Waypoint

Enables you to find community with others and a sense of belonging. We do this through age-graded ministries and relational growth groups. We also offer Connection Point, our newcomer’s class that helps you learn about who we are, what we believe, and our vision; also it helps you find the growth group perfect for you

3. GROW Waypoint

Is designed to launch you in the right direction. We have found knowing where we began, where we are, and where we are going become vital aspects of our journey. Everything we do is designed to help you grow and our intense life-on-life discipleship groups (D-groups) is the primary growth method. Our goal is to keep the momentum moving forward.

4. SERVE Waypoint

Highlights opportunities for you to reach the world. Your career, hobbies, and talents make you unique and so is your journey. We want to want to empower you serve; whether that’s locally or abroad.