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God is For people (the smiley face with the halo represents God!).

But most people don’t realize this and feel a long way from Him.

God being For people was not enough.

God isn’t only For us but also He is With us.

We see this beginning in the Old Testament. God is With the nation of Israel as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. God is With Moses as he speaks to him from a burning bush. God is With Joshua as Israel prepares to conquer the land. God is With Daniel in the lions’ den. God is With Elijah on the mountain. The list goes on!

God being With us is certainly better than God being For us. But God is still very different from us – His holiness and otherness feels like an unbridgeable barrier. And, therefore, most people feel sad in His presence (the sad face with the baseball cap represents you and me!). This is because deep down, we all realize we have sinned against a holy God. That’s how He is different from us.

God being For people and even being With people still was not enough.

God moved into OUR neighborhood!

Jesus lives as One Of us, loves as One Of us! That means He experienced all our pain, struggle, and challenges as One Of us! Not only that, but as One Of us, Jesus took all our sin, all our failures, all our shortcomings on Himself when He died on the cross! He took the punishment that was meant for us!

God, in Jesus, puts on the baseball cap. As good as it is to know that God is For us and With us, it amazes us that God is One Of us! When most
people discover this truth, they are no longer sad.

When we understand the implications of God being For, With and One Of us, that often compels us to invite Jesus to be In us. And that changes everything. We don’t become God, but God’s Spirit comes to live In Us, which empowers us to live a victorious life here on this earth.

God being For, With and One Of us pales in comparison to God being In us. And here’s what happens if God is now In us: This means that, like God, we must be For people, With people, One Of people, so that Jesus can be in the lives of others and Jesus will then live In them.

The Bible says that to invite God to be In Us, we have to give up trying to do life on our own and ask God for forgiveness for our sin–which He already paid for on the cross!

There is no magic formula or special rite of passage. You can invite Jesus to be In You right now.

You can talk to Him using words like this:

My life is broken. I recognize it’s because of my sin. I need you. I believe Jesus came to live, die, and was raised from the dead–to rescue me from my sin. Forgive me. I trust in you alone. Come and live in me. I will follow you all my life.

If you pray that prayer, the Bible says that all of heaven is rejoicing! Your next step is to get plugged into a local church!