Have some questions?

Here are some common questions and answers
  1. Visitors- do we single out visitors or make visitors stand up and introduce themselves? NO! We want you to feel comfortable and we will not embarrass you in any way.  We hope that you feel right at home and welcomed as if you were part of our family.
  2. Children’s Care- We have a children’s ministry team that work with children.  From infants, pre-schoolers, k-5, 1st and 2nd grade.  We love children at Crossbridge!  Our safe and secure children’s area is located in the same building now as the sanctuary.
  3. What to wear?  We have some members that dress vary casual and other that don’t. No one is look going to look at you different because you dress a certain way or don’t.
  4. Where are you located? We are close to Old Town Helena. Take HWY 261 from old town towards Helena Sports Complex, going over both sets of railroad tracks and we are just seconds past on the left. Look for our sign and flags.  Directions.
  5. Who is the pastor? Actually, we have two co-pastors: Harris Cook and Bruce Squires. 
  6. Youth- we have a youth group that meets Sunday mornings at 9am for Sunday morning Bible study.  And Wednesday night at 6:30 pm as well as well as various other youth activities.
  7. Service- Are there opportunities to serve and be a part of different ministries? Absolutely.  We have various different ministry’s to be a part of.
  8. If we visit Crossbridge, will you visit my home?  We will only visit your home if you want us to.  We would like to get to know you! But we understand that some do not want to be bothered at home. We would however, like to mail you some information from time to time and hope that you will provide us with your address on one of our connection cards.  IF you would like for us to visit you, just check that on the connection card or let one of the pastors or staff and we would love to visit you at home.
  9. Do you allow service dogs in church? Yes, in fact, one of our members is really involved with a service animal organization.  If you would like to contact us prior by email, we can make any special arrangements for you that feel are necessary. But we definitely encourage you to come.
  10. Are you wheel chair accessible? Yes we are and we hope that you will come be a part of Crossbridge!
  11. What type of worship music do you have?  The kind that glorify’s God! You may hear classic hymns, contemporary and a mix of other types of worship music but it is all focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.
  12. Do you have additional plans to expand and grow?  We are in planning stages for additional growth and you will hear more about that as it becomes available.  But we do have a a pretty good size area of property that gives a lot of room for expansion.
  13. What do you believe?  We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that without Him living a perfect life, giving Himself as a perfect sacrifice for our sins, His death, burial and resurrection, we would have no hope.  We celebrate Him as our Savior!  You can view our full statement of faith here.
  14. What times our your services?  We meet at 9 AM on Sunday Morning for a Bible study and then worship at 10 AM.  Wednesday night Bible study is at 6:30 PM.

If you have another question, and would like additional information, feel free to contact us at crossbridgehelena@gmail.com and just put ‘Crossbridge Question’ in the email.